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Volunteering Opportunities Abound for FlowerFest

Many members of KBC are gearing up for the club?s annual FlowerFest Tour on Sunday, July 16th. Tee shirts are being printed, flyers have been distributed, routes are being mapped and application fees and registration forms are pouring into the KBC mailbox.

Pro riders from the Priority Health Cycling Team (see story later in this issue of the PedalPress) have made a commitment to ride the 60 mile route, and participants in KBC?s 2006 Bike Camp have been training for weeks to reach their distance goals at the event.

It?s an exciting time ? and a nervous one as well. Will it rain and keep some fair-weather riders away? Is route mapper Mike Krischer going to be able to keep ahead of the Kalamazoo County Road Commission?s love affair with tar and pea gravel as they sweep through the county, sealcoating road after road?

We?ll know soon enough.

But, it goes without saying that without volunteers to take responsibility for the project ? and others who staff the event on Tour day ? there would be no FlowerFest Bicycle Tour. It?s a huge undertaking that the FlowerFest Committee has devoted hundreds of hours to over the last year.

And now they need a little help from you. If you?ve ever been on a bike tour where the road markings proved scarce or inaccurate ? or missing entirely ? you know how important it is to have good ?signage.? It?s frustrating to ride several miles in the wrong direction just because there was no mark at that turn back there where there should have been. Actually, infuriating is probably the better word?

So, please help KBC paint the roads for FlowerFest 2006. Volunteers can gather at 6:00 PM on Thursday, July 6th, in the southwest corner of the KVCC parking lot (corner of O Avenue and 8th Street). You?ll be assigned a route, given cans of the spray paint used to mark the roads, and a set of templates to make your mark on the FlowerFest Tour 2006. The more volunteers who show up the faster it will get done. In case of rain the schedule will move to Tuesday, July 11th. Contact Mike Krischer for details:

If you can?t make the road painting, please consider helping out in another way. You could drive a SAG wagon along the route or assist at registration or at one of the food stops. Again, contact Mike Krischer if you can lend a hand. Volunteers at FlowerFest receive a free tee shirt. And it?s possible to ride in the Tour and volunteer on the same day if you set your schedule right.

Any way you decide to do it, you can help make this year?s FlowerFest a memorable event for everyone through volunteering. Try it once and you?ll want to do it again. Meet some great people, bring your family, and help out your bicycle club.

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President's Letter

Summer arrived on June 21. July is fast approaching. The Kalamazoo Bicycle Club is up to speed on several projects, including Bike Camp, the FlowerFest Tour, and the WMU BRT Criterium.

Bike Camp has been a success in its second season. Last year approximately 12 intrepid folks showed up for a one-morning Bike Camp. This year over fifty folks have signed up for a multiple-week educational series which includes training rides. The success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the Bike Camp committee. There is still a need for ride leaders for the training rides, so please consider volunteering a Saturday morning at KVCC for Bike Camp.

The Kalamazoo Bicycle Club?s annual FlowerFest Bicycle Tour is rapidly approaching. The event date is July 16. Please save this date, and plan to ride or volunteer. The FlowerFest Tour is KBC?s biggest annual fundraising activity. There is a need for volunteers before the 16th to assist with marking the route. There is also a need for volunteers on the 16th to assist with food stops, SAG service, registration, and the other activities which are necessary to make FlowerFest an enjoyable experience for the participants.

The Kalamazoo Bicycle Club, Team KBC/ Little Caesars, and Western Michigan University are teaming up to host the first annual WMU BRT Criterium on Saturday, September 30. A criterium is a multiple-lap bicycle race over a short loop. The WMU BRT Criterium course will be in the Business, Research, and Technology Park on a closed section of road. WMU is putting its promotional muscle behind the event. There is a need for spectators, contestants (get the word out! There is a guaranteed purse of $3000 at this point and we are hoping for at least 150 contestants (and ideally more ? the more folks who sign up mean that the purse gets bigger)), volunteers, and possibly sponsors. So please save the date and wait until October before you hang up your race bike.

Bike Camp and the WMU BRT Criterium are both examples of new bicycling activities generated from the imagination of Kalamazoo Bicycle Club members. There are other examples of activities, such as the ?Share the Road? signage program and some of the original ?Bike Path? signs around Kalamazoo that also came from the initiative of KBC members. But this is not the total universe of all possible activities that promote bicycling, the mission of the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club. If you have an idea that would benefit bicyclists of any age, please consider sharing it with the Club in the following manner:

Please do not hide your ideas for new activities.

Mike Boersma, KBC President

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Meeting Minutes

KBC?s regular monthly meeting was held Tuesday, June 12, 2006 at 7:05 pm at the Kalamazoo YMCA located on Maple Street. Ex-President and current KBC member Doug Kirk led the meeting. Other members present were: Mike Berry, Dave Bishop, Zolton Cohen, Tim Driver, Chris Haddock, Jelania Haile, Tom Hazen, Chris Howard, Mark Irwin, Tom Keizer, Mike Krischer, Renee Mitchell, Dick Nivala, Paul Pancella and Victor VanFleet.

Tom Keizer began with the treasurer?s report: Savings account balance = $2,065, Checking account balance = $2,450 and CD = $10,158. Expenses this month were $889. A motion from Doug Kirk to roll the CD over for another four months was seconded by Zolton Cohen, and passed.

Jelania Haile reported that there are approximately 48 participants for Bike Camp. Doug Kirk and Breakaway Bicycles owner Paul Wells assisted with bike fitting at the first training session and then the group ventured out for their first ride together. This first ?meeting? was a great success. Upcoming topics are scheduled to include: training, accessories, bike maintenance and nutrition. Bike Camp participants are working up to their grand finale ride, which will be the FlowerFest on July 16th.

Mike Krischer and Dave Bishop reported on FlowerFest preparations: The Priority Health Cycling Team has confirmed that 1-2 of their professional riders will be attending FlowerFest. Volunteers are needed for sag stops, the registration table, and several other jobs. Please contact Mike Krischer at if you are able to volunteer for a partial or whole day. Route painting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday evening, 6:00 PM, July 6th at the KVCC parking lot. If that dates proves rainy or not enough volunteers show up the task will be pushed to the 11th.

Representing the Kalamazoo River Valley Trailway Cabinet, KBC member Paul Pancella presented information about the River Valley Trailway project. The River Valley Trailway will eventually connect the Kal-Haven Trail with the Battle Creek Linear Park Trail and also the Portage Bicentennial Park Trail. Connections with other north/south trails are also in the works. Fundraising is set to commence soon on the 15 million dollar project. The public has four years to contribute 8 million to the effort, and the Federal and State government will match those contributions. Pancella noted that there is a lot of enthusiasm for the trailway building plan. There is consensus that it will produce positive impact on tourism, intergovernmental cooperation, and residential quality of life issues. He will provide updates to the club as the project moves forward.

Jelania Haile reminded members that parking passes are required when parking at the Kal-Haven trailhead. We have been notified that cars parking in the 10th Street parking lot will be towed if they do not have a trail parking pass showing on the dashboard. Trail passes and parking passes are available from staff at the trailhead caboose. Parking passes come with the trail passes ? they are not a separate expense.

Lastly, there was discussion about several complaints lodged recently by members of the community concerning KBC?s group rides. The talk centered around the fact that many of the club?s ride groups are not doing what State law says groups of bicyclists must ? ride as far to the right on the roadway as is practicable. Meeting attendees proposed various strategies, and several ride leaders vowed their intent to speak to the groups they lead about these matters. In addition, the Monday night ride groups are going to start heading south on 10th Street rather than 8th in order to avoid the high-speed and increased traffic on the latter road.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm. Next meeting will be Tuesday, July 11th, 2006 at 7PM.

Respectfully submitted, Chris Haddock, KBC Secretary

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Birthdays and Expiring Memberships

Active subscriptions in KBC: 239


Marian Barnes * Mike Birmann * Aric Bostwick * Stella Branch * Dave DeBack * Pat Farrell, Jr. * Scott Freer * Robyn Glownia * Nick Goetzinger * Sherry Gordon * Lisa Kaplan * Robert Lynch * Justin Machnik * Cliff Muller * Kevin Munson * Matthew Munson * Elaine Naegele * Cecily Nicolai * Jason Nicolai * Jim Pankow * Kenneth Polidan * Donn Raseman * Brianna Salome * LeMoin Shadduck * John Shubnell * Bill Strome * Nancy Sundberg * Sue Turnquist

New Members

Norman Carlson * Kristal Ehrhardt * Charlotte Kemp * Gene Kemp * Colette Krueger * Holly Nibert * Alan Poling * Jessica Poling * Wade Poling * Peter Post

Expiring Memberships

Kay Barker * Mike Birmann Family * Lindsay Bucher * Mark Chicoine * Kevin Cleary * Rhonda DeLong * Dan Dewitt * Joseph Doe * Mike Dunn * Jim Eckert Family * Amy Elman * Tony Ettwein Family * Harland Fish * Robyn Glownia * Bill & Linnell Goodrich * Deb Gray & Al Cergol * Jelania Haile * Terry & Kathy Hutchins * Jerry Hutchins * David Jarl * Mark Mccormick * Michael Parr * Houston Peterson * Donn Raseman * Ron Rutgers Family * Donna Sandefur * Rob Schwenk * Richard Voorman Family * Myra Willis * Cris Wolthuis * James Wyrick * Chuck Zahnow

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Editor's Letter

Bike Camp is right near the top as one of KBC?s biggest success stories this year.

Not only have approximately 50 people signed on for the training and educational program (and are making excellent progress training toward their distance goals at FlowerFest - as well as learning about the sport of bicycling), but the effort has brought together a number of volunteers from the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club and the bicycling community.

At the first training session, held at KVCC?s track, ex-KBC president Doug Kirk and Breakaway Bicycle Shop owner Paul Wells collaborated to fit 35 or so Bike Campers on their bicycles. With bike trainers set up on the level asphalt beside the track and Bike Camp Committee members helping to load the bikes on and off the trainers, the ?quickie fitting? went smoothly. Following the fittings, the bikers rode on 5, 8.5, 10, or 15 mile routes, led by members of the Bike Camp Committee.

The second session featured a talk on training by Bryon Bierema, fitness coordinator for Bronson Health Center, followed by another training ride. KBC members Paul Pancella, Chris Howard, David Mitchell, Don Mitchell, John Olbrot and Doug Kirk ? as well as Bike Camp Committee members ? led the groups. The level of confidence, control and even fitness in the riders between week one and week two was notable. Bike Campers are taking the tips and techniques they?re learning during the sessions to heart; they are improving every time out.

The next three Bike Camp sessions will focus on ?fashion and accessories? ? bike clothing and accoutrements that make riding safer and more enjoyable, with models and gear from Alfred E Bike and Breakaway Bicycles; maintenance ? simple maintenance tips to keep a bicycle in good working order, and how to fix a puncture on the road; and nutrition and hydration ? how to ?fuel up? before, during and after training and events.

Bike Camp culminates with Campers riding the distance of their choice at the FlowerFest Tour on Sunday, July 16th.

KBC welcomes the Bike Campers to the club, and wishes their continued success and engagement in the sport of bicycling. The Bike Camp Committee has been impressed with their turnout, enthusiasm, and improvement. They have rewarded the volunteers who have worked on Bike Camp with their commitment and interest.

Zolton Cohen, KBC Newsletter Editor

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2004 Santa Cruz Julianna Superlight, XTR/ Scram X.0 Grouping, Carbon bar and seat post, Manitou scarab front/ Rock Shok lockout rear suspension, Cross Max wheel set 23.5 lbs $2000 Call Cindy Gippert @ 353-6447

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Thank You Letter from Sherry Gordon

Dear KBC,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many KBC members who braved the cold weather on May 10-12 to captain tandem bikes for our annual Sports Education Camp for visually impaired youth. Although the temperatures in the evening were around 40 degrees, with plenty of rain, the kids had a blast!! We rode inside one of the parking ramps at Western Michigan University?s Parkview campus, fun was had by all!

Thanks so much to everyone for assisting with this great event!

Sherry Gordon, tandem ride coordinator

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FlowerFest Tour Coming! Pro Riders Return!

The FlowerFest Committee is pleased to announce that at least one Priority Health Cycling Team professional rider will attend KBC?s FlowerFest this year. KBC member and Priority Health Cycling Team manager Cheryl Olson says about Priority Health?s Brian Sheedy, ?Brian is the Captain of the Priority Health team. He has been racing pro since 2002 and previously raced for Advantage Benefits/Endeavor and Navigators. He is not only a truly gifted and remarkable rider but has been an integral part of the development local young Michigan riders. Brian has been serving the team well this year by making major contributions to the team?s successes even though he has been battling the Epstein-Barr viral syndrome for some time.?

Sheedy is a Rockford, Michigan native, and came in 13th in the 2004 USPRO championships. In 2003 he was the overall winner of the Tour of Ohio.

There will be a group of KBC riders taking off with Brian - and possibly another Priority Health Cycling Team rider or two ? at 9:00 AM at the FlowerFest Tour. They plan to ride the 60 mile route. The first 20 miles will likely pass at about 19-20 mph, the second at 20-22, and on the third leg of the tour it?ll be all out for everyone. Come early if you?d like to meet and talk with Brian Sheedy about his experiences in professional cycling.

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Wide on the Roadway - an Editorial

I?ve been leading rides for KBC for the last several years ? the Half Fast Ride on Wednesday and the 17 mph Recovery Ride on Mondays. Most of the time I?ve been pretty well pleased with how things have gone ? we ride hard, have fun, and there have been relatively few ?incidents? either between bikers or between bikers and auto drivers along the way. In general we?ve enjoyed safe, clean riding.

Recently though, and perhaps it?s because the size of KBC?s ride groups has grown (and not just the groups I lead, but in KBC overall), I get the impression that we?re somehow more at odds with the motoring public than we?ve been at any point in the past. This feeling is reinforced by the number of comments and complaints those in the club?s hierarchy receive ? as well as the manner by which some motorists pass large bicycling groups on the roadway. In certain cases the auto drivers seem more aggressive, impatient, and angry than they had been previously.

On the face of it, bicyclists riding in groups - as we do - are in the right. We?re allowed to ride on the road, according to state law. There?s no question about that; it?s there in black and white in the Motor Vehicle Code.

The devil is in the details though. Looked at through the lens of what is actually occurring on some of our group rides, KBC riders are violating the law. And because of that we?re not making it easy for the driving public to be considerate. In fact, most motorists have actually showed great tolerance to the lawbreakers that we?ve become.

Would we display the same patience if we observed auto drivers blowing through stop signs, racing through red lights, or violating the driving laws in other ways? Likely not. We?d be outraged, and rightly so. The laws apply equally to everyone. But right now, in some cases, we as bicyclists are on the wrong side of the laws that govern our behavior. No wonder we?re getting complaints.

What law are KBC?s riders violating? The one that states that bicyclists shall ride no more than two abreast on the roadway and as far to the right as practicable. Riders who consistently ride three and four abreast, and wander out near the centerline ? and in some cases even over it ? are in violation of this law. In addition, it makes the club look bad in the eyes of the public ? as though we?re completely uncontrolled, and uncontrollable, entities that require special consideration and are, quite simply, above the law. We are not.

Before this riding season even began, KBC?s elected leadership and some of its more active members decided to put special emphasis on safety at the group rides the club sponsors every week. To some extent this campaign has been successful. While it is inevitable that some crashes will occur when people ride in such close proximity (and given the condition of some of the roads we ride on), the numbers of those are sharply down this year. And those attending the rides seem to be trying, for the most part, to minimize the dangers inherent in riding in groups.

Safety between biker and fellow biker is one thing. We?re getting that covered pretty well. Now we must work on the other part of the equation ? safety between bicyclists and motorists.

We need to do our part not only in conforming to the law as it currently stands, but also in showing the motoring public that we understand this law and are bound by it. We can?t continue to ride all over the road, literally taking over a lane whenever the mood strikes. It looks bad ? and it is against the law.

In recent weeks I?ve been speaking to the groups I lead about the necessity of riding to the right side of the road as far as is practicable. At times I?ve let frustration show because of the lack of compliance we sometimes see immediately following such reminders. But I?m going to keep doing this until we get it right. I have no qualms about nagging those who are not willing to comply, or who ?forget.? And my hope is that others will take up the cause as well. It shouldn?t be just one person?s ?cause.? If we?re all riding together it?s in everyone?s best interest to comply with the law and to ride safely.

Aside from achieving greater safety, there is another benefit to tightening up the ride groups and getting them to stick to these practices. That has to do with dealing with the complaints from motorists that will, undoubtedly, continue to come in. As long as there are bicyclists on the roads, KBC will receive complaints from people who do not know or do not understand the statutes contained in the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code.

But if we ride right ? literally and figuratively ? then our position in defending our right to the road is much stronger. In defense against a complaint, instead of having to admit that, yes, some of our riders on that particular Monday night were in fact out over the centerline, if we?re able to say, ?We were conforming to the law that states we must ride as far to the right as is practicable and no more than two abreast,? we have the opportunity to make our case from an unassailable stance. That?s an argument we can win if we?re in the right from the start.

Zolton Cohen, KBC Newsletter Editor

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Ride Ramblings

Knute Jacobson, KBC Ride Captain

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July Ride Schedule

The Monday Ride at Texas Drive Park will consist of 5 ride groups, which should provide a pace to suit riders of all abilities:

The 10-15 mile groups will generally ride the same route and are recommended for new riders. These groups will sometimes combine depending on the number of riders present. The10-15 mph group have gained quite a following, usually 10 ? 15 riders in 2005.

The 25-30 mile groups will typically ride the same route in the early part of the season. KBC recommends the 17 mph group for more experienced riders who are new to the club. This group is very steady and one of the most popular ride groups. The 19 ? 20 mph group is a steady group as well, for riders who want to ride a bit faster. The leaders for the 17 mph and 19 - 20 mph groups plan to keep the groups together and at a steady pace.

All riders who want to push the pace can do so in the 20+ mph group. The 18 ? 19 and 20+ mph groups will most likely start riding the more hilly routes after May, at the discretion of the riders and leaders.

Tuesday Night Time Trial: Greg Lawford, captain of the KBC/Little Caesar?s Race Team, reports that the Race Team has taken over the Tuesday Night Time Trial, and that it is up and going.

The format, running dates, starting location and route for the TNTT are all the same as in years past. Parking is available at the Pavilion Township Hall at the corner of Q Ave and 28th Street. The time trial will run the first and third Tuesday of the month, along the measured ten mile course.

Updates to the TNTT, according to Lawford, include race numbers for participants, and an Excel spread sheet that automatically does timing, MPH calculations, and placing for the event. There is no waiting at the end for results. Instant gratification! 

The Wednesday Ride meets at the Kal-Haven Trail Parking lot. KBC plans to offer 3 ride groups:

The 13-15 mph group decides the route at the ride start.

The 30 mile groups typically ride the same route and the groups may begin together. The 16-18 mph and 19-21 mph groups will try to be steady at the pace indicated. The 20+ group will likely break up into smaller groups.

The Wednesday Night Hammerfest starts at the Kal-Haven Trailhead Parking lot at 6 PM throughout the summer. The pace of the ride is typically greater than 23+ mph and the route goes to Bloomingdale and back (about 46 miles). Since the route is well known to most of the regular riders, no maps are available for this ride. This group is typically large (more than 15 riders) and consists of racers and other experienced riders. Typically, there is no designated ride leader. The group usually fragments into smaller groups and the riders often times do not finish together. This ride is hard and is not suitable for inexperienced riders. Some riders can expect to be dropped from the main group.

Women?s Morning Ride ? Would you like to meet other women in cycling? Join Renee Mitchell and Jelania Haile for a women?s-only ride on Thursday mornings. Meet at Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC- south-west parking lot by the tennis courts) at 10AM. The pace will be 15-16 mph with a distance of 20-25 miles.

The Thursday Night Ride is a nice and easy social ride night at Texas Drive Park, and consists of a small but loyal group. Participation is expected to pick up as the weather turns warmer. Riders of all riding abilities are welcome. The pace is typically 16-17 mph and distance is 20-25 miles, led by Elaine Naegele.

The Friday Tour de Gull meets at Billy?s Bike Shop in Galesburg and the pace varies depending on who shows up (formerly led by Randy Putt). We did have a 16-17 mph group periodically as well as a large 20+ mph group last year. The fast group typically leads itself. The route for this ride is well established so the ride leader job is easy.

Mark your long-range calendars for some special weekend rides this summer. Several rides are being planned for the summer months.

The dates for some of these rides are not firmly established for 2006 yet. If you have comments about the above-mentioned rides or have suggestions for other rides, contact Ride Captain Knute Jacobson at

Impromptu weekend rides can happen anytime the weather is suitable and someone is willing to organize them. If you?re interested in being informed of these impromptu rides, send KBC Ride Captain Knute Jacobson an email to get on the impromptu ride contact list:

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Calories and How to Burn Them

A Report on the Race Across America

From the emailed newsletter this week came this fascinating news about the annual Race Across America (RAAM). For most of us, it?s difficult to imagine compressing what is usually an entire summer?s worth of riding into a little over a week (with less than an hour and half of sleep between each of the grueling rides). But what would it feel like to jam 10,000 calories of food into your body each day ? and to know that you?re still not getting enough ?fuel? to make up for what you?re burning? Read on?(again, from

Swiss Surprise in RAAM

Switzerland's Daniel Wyss led all solo riders to Atlantic City, New Jersey, just before midnight on Tuesday, winning the 3,043-mile (4,900-km) Race Across America in 9 days, 11 hours and 50 minutes.

Wyss, 36, was the first rookie to win RAAM since 1985. He competed in the Traditional division, which imposes no mandatory off-bike time. Second and third place went to Italians Dino Valsesia and Fabio Biasiolo, respectively, while Wisconsin's David Haase took fourth. All were Traditional riders.

Jonathan Boyer won the inaugural Enduro division and placed fifth overall. Rules required him and the 15 other Enduro competitors to be off their bikes a minimum of 40 hours. Boyer's time of 10 days and 52 minutes was eight-and-a-half hours ahead of second-place Enduro rider Marko Baloh of Slovenia.

The race marks a personal comeback for Boyer, 51, the first American to ride in the Tour de France (1981) and the RAAM winner in '85. Boyer's life had come undone in recent years when he was jailed on child molestation charges. An article by sports journalist James Raia detailing that dark period and its ramifications can be found at

Several RAAM solo competitors are still on the road at this writing while many of the relay teams (2 to 8 riders in size) have finished. For standings, reports and perspectives, check the RAAM website at

Successful nutrition played a key role in rookie Daniel Wyss's RAAM victory. Working with a doctor, Wyss was ordered to gain 15 pounds (6.8 kilos) prior to the race.

"He needs this for fuel in the second part of the race," Dr. Christian Hoppe explained. "We can get about 10,000 kilo-calories into Wyss each day, but he burns 17,000-18,000 kilo-calories. The body must make up this difference by consuming something, and if the fat is not available it will be muscle."

During RAAM, Wyss consumed an all-liquid diet that included a product for cancer patients (Resource), a sweetened fat mixture, and a solution of water, salt and sugar. He slept 80 minutes most nights and took a 15-minute nap each day.

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Tuesday at the Track

If some of your fellow KBC members seem happier than usual, especially on Wednesdays, it could be due to the way they are spending their Tuesdays evenings.

We?d like to remind KBC members again that we have the use of the Kalamazoo Spedway the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month for bicycling. We start at 6:00 and go for an hour or a little more.

What makes the track so much fun? No cars?terrific pavement?no stop signs?impossible to be more than a quarter mile from the bathroom?no worries at all, really. And real banking around the corners. It?s as close as you can get to a real velodrome without a 2-hour drive, and it?s free to KBC members.

Besides, it?s a hoot to really discover that you actually do go faster for the same effort.

The fact is that the Speedway is really well set up for bikes, not just cars. It?s over 4 lanes wide, so you can pick a lane and go around as fast or slow as you want all by yourself, or get hooked up with other riders and get some serious paceline action going.

Doug Kirk has even been bringing his motorcycle out sometimes so people can motorpace in the safest environment imaginable. KBC member Joan Orman happily found herself going around at 30 mph a couple of weeks ago.

Any KBC member capable of riding at 18 mph or more is sure to have a good time. The Speedway is located at the corner of D Ave and Ravine Road. You can ride out or drive your car right on to the track and park on the infield, just like the real racers! Just pull in the parking lot and keep going on around in back. You can?t miss the entrance to the track itself. Come on out and have some fun!

Doug Kirk

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Share the Road Signs Pop Up

Many of you have already seen the new, bright green ?Share the Road? signs (with pictures of bicycles) recently erected by the City of Kalamazoo. These signs are actually a joint effort between KBC and the City, and represent another use of your KBC dues money (proof we at KBC don?t spend all your dues on food and drinks for the Recovery Party!).

The story behind the signs is that a few of us had noticed similar signs in other cities around the State, notably Holland?which is doing its level best to be a very bike-friendly community. So Doug Kirk contacted the Engineering Division at the City of Kalamazoo and asked if we couldn?t get some of these signs posted here in the City.

While the City?s senior engineer, Richard Skalski, was definitely open to the idea, we had to overcome some resistance from the traffic engineer, who thought ?Share the Road? signs were not approved by the Michigan Department of Transportation. Kirk actually went over to the traffic engineer?s office and located the signs, complete with suggested placement instructions, in the MDOT manual.

The City and KBC split the cost of the signs, about $1000 for eight of them so far, and the City installed them in early June. All the signs are located on major bike routes in town, such as Oakland Drive, Parkview, Bronson Boulevard, and Mt. Olivet.

We hope to get the Kalamazoo County Road Commission to take similar action, but so far we have not been getting a very positive response from KCRC. Patience, perseverance, and politics?

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KBC Contact Information

2006 KBC Board of Directors

President Mike Boersma
  Phone: 269-720-1409
Vice President Jim Kindle
  Phone: 269-382-8053
Secretary Chris Haddock
  Phone: 269-624-5418
Treasurer Tom Keizer
  Phone: 269-382-4737
Database Manager Paul Bruneau
  Phone: 269-343-6016
Newsletter Editor Zolton Cohen
  Phone: 269-344-0200
Ride Captain Knute Jacobson
  Phone: 269-629-0093
Social Director Jelania Haile
  Phone: 269-345-1274
Social Director Renee Mitchell
Safety and Education Chair Victor VanFleet
  Phone: 269-375-7691
Webmaster Kathy Kirk
  Phone: 269-388-5045
Flowerfest Director Michael Krischer
Flowerfest Director "Super" Dave Bishop
  Phone: 269-679-4522

KBC Membership Fees

Monthly club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month February through December at the YMCA on Maple Street in Kalamazoo. Time is 7:00 PM. All members are encouraged to attend.

Please go to our website at to sign up for membership and for more information about KBC.

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